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Our Data Center Decommissioning services enable organisations to optimise their processes while remaining secure and compliant every step of the way.


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Data Center Decommissioning Services

In the age of data, keeping data centers up to date is crucial for companies. Organisations with redundant or multiple data centers either consolidate to a centralized location or decommission their data center when migrating to the cloud to reduce overhead costs.

Decommissioning a data center goes beyond shutting down servers and switches. Maintaining data security while being aligned with e-waste reduction, Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets can be challenging. All IT assets must be sanitised before disposal or recycling to protect the company from sensitive data breach, potential fines, and substantial damage to your brand’s reputation.

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Our Data Center Services

Our data decommissioning team consists of dedicated technicians specifically experienced in data center environments, along with a full team of on-site engineers and trained logistics professionals, for secure and efficient decommissioning services.


Decommissioning Service

Validate and decommission IT hardware and infrastructure.


Recycle obsolete or proprietary Equipment

Recycle obsolete or proprietary equipment in the most environmentally-friendly manner and ensure compliance with environmental policies & regulations.


Deployment Service

Packing and shipping of assets with complete chain of custody and asset tracking.


Testing, Grading & Refurbishment

Assets are tested & graded with an in-house diagnostics system and go through a rigorous refurbishment process.


On-site Data Destruction

Provide onsite shredding (HDD, SSD) with a Certificate of Destruction issue. Shred particle size up to 2mm x 2mm (SSD) onsite erasure capabilities.


Resell /Remarket

Create new markets and expand existing ones based on ways that maximize hardware value and improve sustainability.

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Lower carbon footprint

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