Our data center decommissioning services deliver a comprehensive solution at competitive rates to ensure a fully traceable audit trail for each serialized asset, from data destruction to final disposition. 


Step 1 – Project Evaluation – site visit

Step 2 Quote – commercial quote & scope of work

Step 3 – Uplift Request –scheduling of activities

Step 4 Asset Removal– de-racking servers & peripherals from data centre.

Step 5 Asset Validation– data capture of equipment & storage media, audit & reconciliation

Step 6 Data Destruction– on-site shredding meeting with high-level DIN66399 &NSA standards

Step 7 Logistic – packing & transfer of assets with complete chain of custody

Step 8 Asset Receipt– stringent receipt protocol in TAPA FSR level A certified facility

Step 9- Disposition – IT asset redeployment/ /marketing/ recycling

Step 10- Report & Settlement – asset reporting and settlement