All SAMS transactions are bound by local, regional and global legislation.

New e-waste guidelines and initiatives will be undertaken by our Compliance Team – who will review, assess, and counsel the company management on the required action to pursue.

Compliance with Local Regulations:

In Singapore, SAMS’ operating policies conform to guidelines set by the local authorities such as

  • National Environment Agency (NEA) – competent authority for environmental and sustainable policies, and issuing party for permits on import & export of Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment (UEEE)
  • Ministry of Manpower (MOM) – competent authority for workforce and work safety policies
  • Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) – issuing party for building fire safety regulation
  • Singapore Police Force (SPF) – issuing party for used-goods trade permits
Transboundary Movement

Transboundary Movement of Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment (UEEE) at the regional and global level remains the key challenge in the e-waste recycling industry.

Such transactions are governed by Basel Convention guidelines and are under the purview of various government agencies, subject to permits/approval prior to any shipment. Amid concerns that cases of non-compliant transboundary movements of UEEE are growing, the legislation regarding import and export from one country to another is continuously being reviewed and regulated.

SAMS has the expertise to navigate the complexity of this reverse supply chain model, possessing in-depth knowledge to legitimately import and export e-waste from one country to another; and assuring clients that all cross-border movement procedures comply fully with Basel Convention requirements.