In pursuing corporate objectives, SAMS understands that internal controls are critical to ensuring optimal performance of a quality management system. These are in the form of periodic desktop, and site audits conducted on:

  • SAMS Internal Processes
  • Regional Partner Facilities
  • Authorised Service Providers
  • Down Stream Vendors

External audits by clients and third party auditors are also facilitated to create another layer of control while ensuring business transparency.

Our Internal Audits System

We ensure that all partners and vendors are vetted and certified before placement on the Approved Vendor List (AVL). This is to ensure conformity to SAMS’ Corporate Business Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Having an effective audit system is critical to :

  • Facilitate supervision and monitor corporate objectives
  • Prevent and detect irregular transactions
  • Measure and improve ongoing performance
  • Maintain adequate business records
  • Promote operational quality and productivity
  • Prevent business fraud and minimise the cost of capital