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End-to-end secure product destruction solutions with full transparency

Whether you are facing a product recall, patent infringement issues, or obsolete items; we ensure our clients are provided with cost-friendly and effective solutions that protect your brand name!


SAMS’ in-house secure product destruction processes can handle many material types, including plastics, documents, fabrics, films, fibres and more.

  • Prototypes or First Article (FA) samples
  • Discontinued or at End of Line (EOL) products
  • Defective, sub-standard, or damaged products
  • Excess, surplus or obsolete products
  • Illegal or counterfeits
  • Devices bearing confidential information
  • Product recalls
  • Insurance claims
  • Quality-assurance failed products

Our Certified Product Destruction Solutions can bring you peace of mind!


Brand Protection

Our production destruction service ensure the products will never be seen in the marketplace, where they could potentially tarnish the brand’s name


Cost Saving

Enjoy the convenience and cost-savings of working with a single provider for a comprehensive suite of services


Guaranteed Elimination

Receive assurance that your materials are destroyed and handled well from start to finish


Regulatory Compliance

We have a fully compliant fleet and NEW-approved Waste Management Service provider

Our Product Destruction Services Include :

  • Chain of Custody

    Secure chain of custody procedure, handling from the point of possession and throughout the entire destruction process.

  • Proof of Compliance

    A Certificate of Destruction (COD) is issued for every batch of materials that are successfully destructed

  • Customised Solutions

    Customised destruction method:- depending on your requirements, we can use various destruction methods, including crushing, shredding, and manual destruction.

  • Zero Landfill

    Recycling of material streams in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Transparency

    On-site / off-site destruction witnessing is available for customers for the most sensitive products.

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