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Streamline Your IT Asset Lifecycle

With the rapid development of technology, more electronics are growing obsolete and need to be disposed of responsibly for data security and environmental protection.


What is ITAD?

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the process of disposing obsolete or unwanted IT equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. With the growing use of IT hardware, the question of what to do with retired or used IT equipment, and how to keep data secure during disposal, intensifies.

Our ITAD expertise include:
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Electronic Recycling Services
  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • Asset Value Recovery
Importance of a Certified and Compliant ITAD Partner

ITAD should be incorporated into your organization’s risk management strategy. Improper disposing of your IT hardware can lead to data breaches, environmental violations, and non-compliance with local & international regulations, which will tarnish your company’s brand name.

With the right ITAD partner, rest assured that your company’s IT assets are properly discarded of in a secure, compliant, and environmentally-friendly manner. By safely sanitizing data and ensuring that your used equipment does not get dumped illegally in a landfill, a trusted long-term ITAD partner can help you manage your company’s exposure.

Your Trusted ITAD Partner
Why Choose SAMS?

With our full-suite ITAD solutions, we have come to be known as one of the top IT disposal companies in Singapore!



We align all our business transactions to prevailing regulatory, security and operational compliance requirements.


High Data Security

We are deeply committed to protecting our customer’s critical information with the highest level of data sanitization standards.


Optimal Resource Recovery

We explore all optimal resource recovery options for end-of-life electronics, ensuring higher recycling rates through innovative research and development applications.



Our integrated in-house Material Planning System offers you visibility, traceability and assurance of materials management in the most cost-effective manner.

We have come to be known as one of the top IT asset disposition companies in Singapore.

Our Proven Process

With our attention to detail at every step of the journey, all our IT disposals are secure, compliant and eco-friendly.

  1. Uplift Request
    • Contact SAMS customer service request for quote
    • Establish scope of work and accept quotation
    • Schedule pick-up via email
  2. Secure Logistic Pick-up
    • Asset verification & buy-off process
    • Secure pack and load into truck
    • Deliver to SAMS facility with GPS tracking
  3. Receiving & ERP Registration
    • Unloading & reception at SAMS facility
    • Recording of gross weight
    • Entry into SAMS ERP system
  4. Data Destruction
    • Asset validation & recording
    • Perform data destruction
    • Issue data destruction certificate
  5. Reporting & Settlement
    • Closed-loop reporting
    • Issue certificate of destruction
    • Financial settlement & invoicing
  6. Green Recycling
    • Dismantle asset into various waste streams
    • Maximise resources recovery following zero landfill policy
  7. IT Asset Remarketing & Reuse
    • Repacking of IT assets
    • Remarket via e-commerce/bulk sales
    • Asset reuse or components harvesting
  8. Asset Hardware Diagnostics
    • Incoming asset cosmetic check, testing & grading
    • Establish asset disposition channel
    • Asset repair & refurbishment

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