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A bird’s eye view into your reporting

SAMS’s client tracking portal provides a secure and user-friendly platform for managing the great complexity of the procedure and the high volume of equipment. We take measures to record each step of the process to provide verifiable reports to the client.

Streamline your business with SAMS for managing ITAD and recycling services.


SAMS’s Client Tracking Portal

Transparency and traceability is fundamental to our business. As the leader in ITAD and Electronic Waste management, we are committed to providing the most secure and accurate IT asset and recycling service reporting. With secure web-based portals, you can track your assets from pick up until final disposition. We also provides a well-documented and auditable trail.

Our online tracking portal will include the following features:
  • 24/7 access from anywhere, at anytime
  • Shipment tracking report
  • Automated email notification
  • Online visibility to all stages of the process
  • Real-time & transparent data
  • Mobile Apps friendly
  • End-to-end inventory tracking
  • Highly secured data storage system

Additional Reporting

We provide a variety of report types based on your requirements.


Certificate of Destruction

We provide proof that all e-waste/ assets are destroyed beyond functional use for their intended purpose.


Certificate of Data Destruction

We confirm that data is destroyed completely and complies with the required standards. This certificate includes the hard drive serial number and destruction method.


Certificate of Recycling

We provide proof that all assets have been recycled in the most sustainable manner.


Parent & Child Tracking Report

We provide cross-referencing records to align parent records( asset’s model, part number, serial number) with child records (hard drive’s serial number)

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