Sustainability is one of our core values here at SAMS. By addressing sustainability in a coordinated, integrated and formal manner, we are driven to implement green technology for the reduction of landfill waste and dependency on raw materials.

We integrate sustainable recycling across business functions by working collaboratively with customers and external stakeholders to improve recycling programs through the inclusion of more goods in the recycling process to achieve a higher rate of waste recovery.

Sustainable recycling conserves energy and natural resources as manufacturing goods from recycled materials requires less energy than goods produced from raw materials.

The prevention and recycling of electronic waste will divert recyclable materials from landfills and incinerators;
thereby reducing an enormous amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).


Our initiatives towards a greener and more sustainable environment include:

  • Embracing cradle-to-cradle concepts through innovation and strategic analysis
  • Recovering and increasing the operational life span of product waste
  • Increasing operational efficiency by reducing costs and wastage
  • Reducing carbon footprint through good manufacturing practices
  • Promoting awareness through waste reduction
  • Adopting a Zero Waste, Zero Landfill policy
  • Constantly equipping our facility with new technologies to close the recycling loop

These initiatives will protect and strengthen customer’s brand and reputation and build public trust, while allowing adequate responses to regulatory constraints and opportunities. 
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