Our Environmental, Social and Governance Commitment

We ensure that our business operations brings wellness to our staff, our community and the environment. At SAMS, we hold ourselves to high ethical standards given that the core of our business aims to help businesses better manage their e-waste in a eco-friendly and responsible manner.


Championing zero waste with our partners and clients.


Building a safe and healthy workplace that looks after communities.


Making compliance a key priority in all we do.

Zero Landfill Policy

We make sure that no waste ends up in a landfill. We recycle all raw materials if the device cannot be refurbished or repaired.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

We increase the operational life span of product waste and are constantly equipping our facility with new technologies to close the recycling loop.

Caring For Staff

Our staff are given frequent breaks and personal protective gear to ensure that they are safe and well when dismantling devices.

Downstream Vendor Relationship

We assess all our downstream vendors to ensure that they use safe and responsible practices in handling the materials.

Data Breach Risk Management

For public safety, we ensure that all data is sanitised according to industry and government standards to avoid data breaches that can have serious financial and security implications.


Our operations are fully audited both internally and by clients and third party auditors. Apart from internal processes, our regional partner facilities, down stream vendors, and authorised service providers are assessed frequently.


We are compliant with all prevailing local, regional and global legislations including the Basel Convention guidelines for transboundary movement of used electrical and electronic equipment.