Degaussing destroys remnant magnetic fields on magnetic components, heads, and domains on hard drives by exposing them to a strong magnetic field. This guarantees that your information is no longer retrievable and the degaussed hard drive is rendered non-functional.

SAMS offers various degaussers that meet NSA standards and CESG requirements to delete data permanently.


Benefits of Destruction through Degaussing

  • Highly Effective

    100% guaranteed removal of data from magnetic media, generating peak fields up to 18,000 gauss.

  • Quick

    Each degauss cycle is up to 4 seconds per hard disk which reduces the amount of time and labour required.

  • Reporting for Audit

    We provide system-generated activity reports for audit trail.

  • Convenient

    Services are available both onsite at the customer’s premises or at SAMS’ secured facility.

SAMS complete packaged service for Data Destruction includes :

  • Customised logistic pickup service with secure chain of custody at every touchpoint
  • GPS tracking of vehicles bearing the storage devices
  • Locked and security-sealed tote bins for transportation
  • CCTV recording upon arrival at the facility through validation till final destruction of the consignment
  • Secure online client access for monitoring (special arrangement required)
  • Activity and Process Reports for audit and tracking detail
  • Scanning for inventory record/ asset tracking
  • Certificate of Data Destruction upon successful destructed of storage devices

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With SAMS, customers can choose to have their storage media devices shredded offsite at our secured facility for bulk shredding or destructed physically onsite at their premises.