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Responsible Electronics Recycling For A Sustainable Future

With our closed-loop recycling solutions, we extend the life of electronic parts to reduce raw material use and production and safeguard the environment’s limited resources.

Your data, and reputation are important to us – we take extreme measures to safeguard your company from the risk of data theft, regulatory sanctions, and negative press.

Work with SAMS today, we provide Electronic Waste Management Solutions!


Impact of Improper Electronic Waste Handling

Electronic waste refers to electrical and electronic equipment that has reached the end of its operable life. As technology develops rapidly, e-waste has become the fastest-growing solid waste stream, generating 60 metric tonnes annually, which is projected to increase by 23% by the year 2030. The effects of improper e-waste disposal include

Environmental Impact

Precious metals in e-waste can be reclaimed but are simply thrown away. With the continued mining of new materials, we can expect the worsening of global warming and climate change.

Health Hazard

E-waste contains toxic substances that disrupt the ecosystem. Mishandling and improper disposal of e-waste contaminate land and water, raising community health risks.

Risk of Data Breach

Sensitive information in e-waste could significantly jeopardise companies, organizations, and individuals if in the wrong hands.

Your Responsible E-Waste Recycling Partner

Following the industry’s highest standards of electronics waste recycling, we have electronics recycling programs for processing various equipment, including computing equipment, communication devices and batteries.


Environmental Integrity

We are a good environmental steward who remains committed to reducing environmental degradation by delivering sustainable and eco-friendly electronic recycling services that fully comply with all government and industry regulations.

We promote equipment and parts reuse and waste reduction while ensuring non-reusable waste is disposed of properly.


Downstream Transparency

We provide end-to-end vendor visibility to ensure proper recycling management and complete accountability. All our downstream partners undergo a pre-qualification process that includes desktop and site audits of their facilities.

We ensure that all processing is done according to environmental best practices and are compliant to ISO 14001, ISO45001, ISO9001 practices and R2v3 guidelines.


Zero Landfill Policy

We adopt a sustainable and energy-efficient approach that diverts materials from landfills. Our Zero landfill policy increases the recovery of marketable commodities through the right channels in conformance with regulatory guidelines.

Incineration and heat recovery may be applied to waste that cannot be reused or recycled. Our SAMS processes, equipment and innovations enable the conservation of valuable resources.


Commodity Recovery

We are committed to maintaining a recycling rate of up to 97% on the materials we process. We maximize sustainability by achieving significant recovery value on every product, part, and material in the end-of-life product stream.

We recover base metals, like copper, individual metals like cobalt and precious metals like silver and gold from e-waste.Non-metals bearing materials like plastics, paper, and glass will be reintroduced into the secondary markets through collaboration with downstream vendors.

The SAMS team takes pride in providing sustainable electronic waste management solutions that make a difference!

Our customers’ data, electronic waste, and reputation are important to us – we take extreme measures to safeguard your company from the risk of data theft, regulatory sanctions, and negative press.

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