Reverse Logistics

SAMS’ key objectives of a compliant and cost-effective reverse logistics process are to

  • benefit the environment by helping to reduce carbon footprint implications and to improve air quality through best transportation practices
  • regain the value of returned materials by providing the means for possible reuse, repurposing, and remanufacturing or recycling and proper disposal

We help our clients to develop efficient reverse logistics operations to save money and increase profits by managing return channels of surplus/obsolete inventories of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods including takeback of aftermarket consumer scraps of electronic devices and parts.

Within this process, SAMS provides the range of service to customers:

  • Inbound screening
  • Validation and inspection
  • Repackaging and labeling
  • Temporary storage services
  • Distribution to repair centers or retail markets
  • Shipment tracking system
  • End of Life Recycling

Maximum asset retrieval, minimization cost, transaction transparency, tracking measures or reporting and optimizing environmental compliance costs allow SAMS’s reverse logistics services to optimize your supply chain.

Chain of Custody

SAMS has invested in the development of a meticulous and closed-loop process to ensure the transparency of each step of the process throughout the entire chain of custody of client’s IT assets and equipment.

Our team ensures rigorous conformance to a set of standards that are trackable and reliable at any point. From pick-up through secure transportation to processing and finally recycling, we have our customers covered.

How SAMS provide Chain of Custody service :

  • Online Client portal to register a unique order ID
  • Sealed and locked shipment with GPS tracking system
  • Onsite buy off process for ownership transfer
  • Transparency via online tracking system to monitor each stage of processing
  • Generate the full reporting till settlement