IT Asset Remarketing

IT Asset Reporting

Repair & Refurbishment

Secure Data Destruction

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

SAMS offers a full range of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions to meet all organization needs while eliminating the high risk of data breaches, ensuring quality services and yet complying with environmental, health and safety regulations.

  • Safeguard your company’s sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure
  • Promote harvesting of existing resources
  • Maximising Asset Recovery value
  • Complies with software licensing agreement, data security laws and regulations

IT Asset Remarketing

The SAMS team has extensive IT Asset remarketing experiences and expertise to offer systematic procedures to treat each asset individually by evaluating, refurbishing and securing the best reuse opportunity for your assets.

Assets with potential commercial demand are tested, graded and refurbished for resale.

Assets that no longer have a market demand due to functional and cosmetic defects are first scavenged for reusable parts and components, that will be tested and certified by our technicians before being channeled to the market for reuse. The remaining non-marketable parts are demanufactured for downstream recovery of material commodities such as metals and plastics.

SAMS leverages on multiple sales channels to attain the highest possible value of IT asset and yet realize good environmental initiatives.

SAMS Market : a secure online business-to-consumer marketplace for sales and purchase of pre-owned ICT equipment.

This is currently being developed and will be available for use soon.


The Remarketing service:

  • Perform Audit and thorough inspection of each IT equipment
  • Perform Data Sanitization
  • Evaluate the current value of each asset by a customised grading system
  • Provide detailed Settlement Report

ITAD Reporting

SAMS provides IT asset reporting and certification for all methods of destruction and disposition. These services protect our customers from liabilities by mitigating risks during the end-to-end  IT asset disposition process.

Through the use of our in-house ERP software system,  the online portal provides user-friendly accessibility for customers to view and extract details such as transit tracking and process data of their material consignment – from any time zone and any location. Reports can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

The SAMS online tracking portal advocates  data security  and data  transparency through :

  • Shipment Tracking Report
  • Online Visibility up to Segregation Report
  • Full Inventory list with individual serial number
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Transparent Settlement Report