Intellectual Property Protection with Confidential Document Shredding Services and Data Destruction

Intellectual property (IP) are intangible assets for any business. Security threats are constantly on the rise, and with the vast quantity of confidential information stolen, it is challenging to protect intellectual propriety. Counterfeit products are not only infringing intellectual proprietary rights which could deprive the value and brand name of the company, but also introduce substandard, unsafe defects into a customer’s product thereby putting consumers at risk.

Simply dumping into landfills is not only environmentally irresponsible, but it also provides inadequate protection as the discarded products may end up being reused or remarketed after entering the grey market. At SAMS, intellectual property protection is of utmost importance, and all our processes are geared to ensure that confidential client information does not fall into the wrong hands

Confidential Document Shredding Services

Information is an organization’s most significant asset. But when it is not managed and discarded correctly, it potentially becomes an enormous liability leading to legal implications and criminal breaches such as:

  • Loss of trade secrets
  • Fraud
  • Identity theft

Disposal of printed documents containing sensitive information must be exercised with utmost caution.

We offer professional document shredding services designed to protect commercial entities’ confidential data, which includes:

  • Guaranteed complete Destruction
  • Certificate of Destruction (COD)
  • Safe & Confidential
  • On-site Shredding
  • 100% Paper Recyclability
  • Fast & Efficient
intellectual property protection singapore

Data Destruction

Data may contain propriety information crucial to business or may relate directly to members of the public. Data breach is a serious issue, which is why it is essential to understand the risk of insufficient intellectual property protection.

It is a common belief that once a file is deleted, it is gone for good but that is not always the case. In fact, the data from deleted files still stays in the computer and is very easy to recover deleted data.

Failure to thoroughly destroy data from storage media may inadvertently result in the data entering the public domain, an event that could have serious ramification for any company. A data breach may lead to adverse media coverage, brand damage, loss of revenue, regulatory fines, and unforeseen internal running costs.

An increasing number of government regulations and industry standards demand that companies sanitize storage media before disposal or reuse. In addition to confidential document shredding services, we also ensure your data is completely sanitised with comprehensive data destruction.

SAMS meets the need for intellectual property protection of proprietary and data bearing equipment to put our customer’s minds at ease. We also allow our customers to have full transparency through using our unique in-house ERP portal. Learn more about our intellectual property protection by getting in touch with us today.