Transforming E-waste Disposal With The Latest Technology

At SAMS, we have always been concerned about safeguarding our environment while making it easy for corporations to do the same. Handling e-waste the way we do is not just about getting rid of obsolete technology, but bringing out its value through recycling and remarketing.

We do our best to achieve a win-win-win situation for the environment, your business, and our vendors.


Champions of Sustainability

Sustainability is one of our core values here at SAMS. By addressing sustainability in a coordinated, integrated and formal manner, we are driven to implement green technology for the reduction of landfill waste and dependency on raw materials.

Want to manage your e-waste better? We’re happy to help.

Our Commitments

Skilled Team

Our dedicated team is trained to possess the knowledge and skills relevant to reuse and recycle electronics at every stage.

Continuous Improvement

As technology advances, we are constantly looking at new ways to mitigate risks associated with data security and disposal compliance.

Strong Values

We ensure our safety standards are kept optimal as we commit to safeguarding your data security and the environment. We assure complete compliance with environmental regulations and to a "Zero Landfill" policy.