Welcome to Sustainable Asset Management Solutions Pte Ltd (SAMS), A R2v3 Certified Company

IT Asset Disposition

SAMS full suite of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions meet the needs of many unique businesses while eliminating the risk of security

Electronics Recycling

SAMS manages e-waste recycling in Singapore and internationally (globally) in the most environmentally responsible manner

Sustainable Value Recovery

SAMS operations are designed to process used equipment in the most efficient manner, at the same time, achieving optimal financial return

Intellectual Property Protection

SAMS offers secure product destruction service not only to maintain product and brand integrity but also to meet customers' needs from all perspectives

Reverse Supply Chain

SAMS offers a full-scale returns management system that responds to your company’s needs with seamless supply chain solutions

Consultancy Solutions

SAMS Team will assist customers in understanding environmental regulations in developing comprehensive asset management programs to facilitate electronic waste disposal in Singapore and internationally

SAMS (Sustainable Asset Management Solutions) provides comprehensive E-Waste Recycling and IT Asset Disposition Solutions

In an increasingly digitalised world, we continue to innovate and embrace new technology that results in product obsolescence, driving e-waste volumes to grow exponentially into the fastest-growing global waste stream.

Poor waste management solutions lead to improper disposal of e-waste that can end up in landfills where toxins leach into soil and water, contributing to pollution that is hazardous to the environment and health.

It also results in loss of unrecovered material resources, as well as generating carbon emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change.

Sustainable Asset Management Solutions (SAMS) plays a vital role in helping corporate or businesses to achieve their lifecycle asset disposition goals responsibly.

Corporate E-Waste Management Services

SAMS handles every ICT asset in a secure, compliant, and green manner. We believe in building a sustainable future through Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle policies by regenerating the life cycle of ICT assets. Our closed-loop processes minimise security risks, protect intellectual policy rights, and strive to achieve zero landfill by maximising the recovery of resources.

When it comes to ensuring that your e-waste management is up to the task, you can rely on SAMS’ services to make a difference in both the private and corporate world.

Sustainable Services You Can Rely On

As a privately-owned electronics management company, the SAMS team take pride in providing sustainable electronics waste management solutions that makes a difference to our clients and the world.

We are committed to ethically managing end-of-life ICT assets and contribute to a greener future with our zero-landfill policy. SAMS is not just about providing corporate e-waste management services, but also making a positive impact on the world.

SAMS offers a full suite of e-waste management services that includes:

  • IT Asset Disposition

  • Electronics Recycling

  • Sustainable Value Recovery

  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Reverse Supply Chain

  • Consultancy Solutions

SAMS is also an R2v3 certified company, meeting the world’s most widely adopted standard for responsible practises for used electronics.

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