Security is predominant to SAMS, and we are exceptionally secure-conscious to safe keep our customers’ confidentiality and to eliminate loss of any proprietary information and product.

We have most stringent physical and digital security measures in place within the organization to prevent site intrusion and to deter criminal breaches from both internal and external threats.

Our comprehensive security systems are compliant with TAPA and ISO28000 standards:-

  • 24/7 electronic video surveillance – up to 90 days recording archive
  • 24/7 armed Intrusion Detection System
  • Employee and visitor screening at all entry and exit points
  • On-site uniformed security guards stationed at strategic locations
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors and portable wand scanning
  • HID card Access throughout the facility
  • Metal Fencing with enhanced control access for critical operation and storage areas
  • High-Security enclosure for High Valued Materials
  • Visitor escort at all times in the facility
  • Background screening and nondisclosure agreements for all employees
Facility Security

Trained, uniformed Security guards stationed in operations and storage areas and at entry/exit points. Witnessing presence is requisite at the loading/unloading bays

HID card-based access

All entry and exit points are HID card-accessed control. Access rights are multi-tiered and authorized by internal Security Management based on employees' job responsibilities. The system provides a trail of entry and exit records of employees and visitors

24/7 Video Surveillance

Operations and Storage areas fully equipped with video surveillance system consisting of CCTV IP cameras with infra-red and motion detection capabilities recorded into NVR recorders and archived up to 90-days

Walk Through Metal Detectors

Contraband searches at every entry/exit point via the use of Walk Through Metal Detectors (WTMD) and handheld scanners

High Security Metal Fence/Enclosure

Segregated Work and Storage areas with Metal Fencing and access rights control and armed with Intrusion Detection System

High Value Cage

High-Value Cage with floor-to-ceiling fencing for storage of clients’ high-risk materials - accessible only through single tiered access rights that require both HID and biometric identification, and equipped with dedicated CCTV cameras and Intrusion Detection System

Background Checks

Background screening conducted for all employees. Due-diligence checks performed on employees who manage high risk and sensitive data, equipment, and materials

Security Operations Center

SOC with in-house security specialists performs site security surveillance to identify and analyze potential security threats while responding to, reporting and investigating security incidents

Process Security

The Facility conforms to a strict security protocol. Vulnerability and Threat Assessments are conducted before comprehensive business-specific security procedures are designed by experienced security specialists