Responsible Recycling


SAMS is a good steward of the environment and remain always committed to reducing pollution and environmental degradation by delivering sustainable and environmentally friendly electronic recycling services that fully comply with all local, state and federal regulations.

Our recycling methods are ethical and socially responsible that promotes equipment and parts re-use, encourages a reduction of waste and ensures non-reusable waste are disposed of properly.

At SAMS, we monitor, control and continuously search for innovative, efficient and cost-effective recycling methods to help our customers and ourselves to sustain environmental integrity.


Our customers’ data, electronic wastes, and reputation are important to us – we take extreme measures to safeguard your company from the risk of data theft, regulatory sanctions, and negative press. Downstream transparency is SAMS’ ability to track and provides end-to-end visibility to ensure proper recycling management and complete accountability. Prior to processing, downstream partners go through a lengthy selection, and pre-qualification process that includes desktop audits and site audits to vendors’ facilities – ensuring that all processing is done according to environmental best practices and are compliant to criteria required under the ISO 14001 practices and R2 guidelines.

Through periodic independent inspections such as downstream vendor audits, environmental and management system audits, health and safety audits and process evaluations, and focusing on point-to-point material tracking, SAMS can offer more data and transparency resulting in increased trust and accountability. To assist our clients in meeting their corporate responsibility programs, we provide a comprehensive audit trail for all parts received with full reporting and certificates of destruction on all recycled material collected into our facilities.


SAMS maintains a “Zero Landfill” policy by adopting a sustainable and energy-efficient approach that diverts materials from landfills; thereby increasing the recovery of marketable commodities and ensuring all e-waste gets recycled or reused via the correct channels in conformance with regulatory guidelines and environmental standards. Incineration and heat recovery may  be applied to waste that cannot be reused or recycled. Utilization of SAMS processes, equipment and innovations enables conservation of valuable resources and avoids potential environmental liabilities.


SAMS is committed to maintaining a Recycling Rate of up to 97% on the materials we process.
We strive to maximize sustainability while achieving significant recovery value on every product, part, and material in the end-of-life product stream.

Electronic devices are an alternative source of base metals, eg, copper, individual metals, eg, cobalt and as well as precious metals, e.g., silver and gold.

Non-metals bearing materials, e.g., plastics , paper, and glass will be reintroduced into the secondary markets through collaboration with downstream vendors.